About Us

Climb's Roast is a small batch, artisan, gourmet coffee roaster located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We trust you will see our coffee as a labor of love that does not disappoint.  Our skilled profilers research and source our coffees from among the finest 100% Arabica beans from the South and Central Americas, Indonesia, Africa and beyond.  All of our beans are hand selected and are Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO coffee.

Climb's Roast has a state of the art roasting and K-Cup Production Facility.  Our K-Cup Machine can produce for than 20,000 K-Cups a Day and is one of the largest in the South East US.  We also Private Label K-Cups and Coffee and Toll Roast for other coffeeshops and companies.

Climb's Roast is so much more than great coffee though.  We are on a mission to help those in need which is why 100% of our Net Proceeds goes to fund our Non-Profit Organization, The Climb.  The Climb and Climb's Roast works to train, educate and employ the most disenfranchised among us like the victims of human trafficking, domestic violence survivors, and veterans.

Believe it or not Charlotte, NC is among the top 5 cities for human smuggling and sex trafficking in the United States.  We have setup partnerships with various agencies, other Non-Profit Organizations, and rehabilitation programs to help in combating human sex trafficking since it is very close to home.  

To learn more about Human Trafficking please click HERE (Coming soon)

That's why we started Climb's Roast and our Sack Cloth and Ashes line, not only for the best cup of coffee and restoration fashion but for a cause.  #CoffeeWithACause